BiraBiro Festival 2

2018-12-05 20.16.48.jpg

BiraBiro EDM concert was back for 2018 with a bang. Held at Ghion Hotel on November 24th in Addis Ababa Ethiopia, it is safe to say the event delivered big time. Following last year’s success, there was an expectation placed on the crew to eclipse the 2017 event. Considering the late cancellation of the festival earlier this year due to a nationwide event ban major artists such as Major Lazer couldn’t perform in this year’s festival. So the organizers had to re-think their whole game plan on how to approach this year’s festival to deliver something special regarding stage design, lighting system and sound quality. And Choo Choo Promotion delivered on all areas mentioned. The lineup for the show was packed with world class performances like Mark Vedo, Rave Republic, MARNIK and Daddy’s Groove. The host for the event was none other than Milu Abraham. Her loud outfit with her astonishing energy created amazing vibe whenever she was on the Mic. She was hyped to say the least and the crowd fed off her energy from the start of the show till the end. The crowd was hyped long before the show started anyway so they wanted the immediate insanity from the DJs.


The event being BiraBiro festival, the crowd wanted to go crazy with remixes and some hard core beats of the main stream music right away. The headliners held their own and made the night memorable by putting their own touch to the music. It truly was an amazing sight to see the excitement on the crowd’s face and how we all responded well by singing along and jumping to the beat when the music was a hit. Music kept on repeat from one DJ to another keeping us interested throughout all their sets. The crowd’s energy with the lighting and the stage presentation created beautiful scenery. One area which we hope will improve in the future is on the catering department where getting drinks and food seemed to take a lifetime. We missed some parts of the show while trying to get refreshments.

Over all, BiraBiro Festival 2018 was just an amazing experience for everyone who attended the event. The stage design and the live 3D graphics the VJS were doing was just spectacular to see. The well lit venue created the feeling of inclusion everywhere making attendees feel welcomed. The sound system was top notch. You could feel the beat everywhere. Kudos to the sound engineers on controlling the sound as it should be.

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Mr. Guta Wakuma, Managing Director of Choo Choo promotion, talked with EthioCreatives after the show. ”Beautiful people from Addis and out, we appreciate and respect you all for coming out and making this edition of BiraBiro festival one of the most important nights in Ethiopia’s event industry. We will be back with more before you know it. Love.”

We would like to appreciate Choo Choo promotion for inviting us to cover the show and enjoy the ideas they came up with. It was something we have never seen before. It begs the question what BiraBiro festival will bring on the next event since it’s already being anticipated by many. They will one up themselves for sure and we can guarantee that.

Daniel Sahlu