With a new season comes a new collection. With a new collection comes anticipation and we were not let down. Continuing from the highly successful 2017 capsule collection Undken are back.

We had the pleasure of seeing the new collection up close and personal as we got behind the camera for a Undken fashion shoot at the Rainbow Mattress factory and showroom in Addis. The new collection is muted yet strong maybe less 'African' than before, but MADE IN ETHIOPIA proudly displayed for all to see. Again both women and men are catered for and there is a sense of durability and a timeless sheen which pulls this together. Purses and clutches demand to be center spot whilst holdalls caress hidden gems inside.

As before the crafstmanship is impecaple and the new family sit proudly on the recently revamped web site now selling globally. This collection will be as relevant in 20 years as it is today and if you know anything about Undken you'll know that buying an item is an investment in quality and well as Ethiopia.