After introducing its Ultra Track Jacket and Track Pants last month, Outlier continues to innovate with its performance-driven ethos by debuting the Beach Thing, a wearable hooded towel-like piece comprised of grid linen.

A versatile accessory, the silhouette’s construction is perfect for the spring/summer season, as its overall structure lets air flow through the fabric, and has the remarkable ability to absorb twenty percent of its weight of moisture while remaining dry to the touch.

Rendered in pastel tones of “artificial grape,” “sky blue,” “lemon,” orange, and “black rock,” Outlier’s Beach Thing can be used as a blanket, a towel, and for light sun protection.

Find it at Outlier’s online store and flagship in Brooklyn. Or lets just pop down to one of the many fabric stores on every street in Ethiopia. Buy some fabric and throw it over our heads. The make over is complete.

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