Ethiopia especially Addis is jam-packed with cars. It's this reason plus the fact
the roads are terrible and cars are expensive which lead many to buy small
cars. The range, however, is very limited, but what if you could buy this?
BMW has unveiled a one-off, electric version of the classic MINI, to
promote its switch to zero-emissions production vehicles next year.
Based on a late version of the original MINI Cooper, the Classic MINI Electric
looks exactly the same as the influential car, which was first produced by the
UK-based British Motor Corporation in 1959 and went on to become an icon of
the 1960s. The obvious problem is, of course, where would you find charging
points in Ethiopa1?
Externally it boasts all the origin1l features of the classic two-door car, from its
circular headlights to its striped paintwork.
But instead of being powered by a four-cylinder engine like the original model,
the Classic MINI Electric boasts a battery-powered electric engine.
The vehicle is being unveiled at the New York International Auto Show this
week,  a year ahead of the launch of the company's first fully electric
production cars.
BMW describes it as a unique model that aims to express the car brand's
"appetite for purely electric driving".
Personally, if we could find charging points we'd do everything to get this