5 Things with.........DJ Yemi

EC/1. So Yemi, let's get to know you first. Can you tell us your full name since DJ Yemi is very known? Tell us your background. When did you start DJing?

My name is DJ YEMI/ YEMI FISSEHA but my ID will say “Mareshet Fisseha” !!

I started Djing in my teens …… like years ago!! Rapping was my dream since I discovered music and I moved to Atlanta Georgia for school and there I met a person called DJ Sliver knight. He used to DJ at a popular club and I use to go to his booth while he was playing. So one day he asked me to take over for few minutes and so I did……. That’s how my career started as a DJ.

EC/2. Why music? What do you feel when you finish mixing songs or producing a track? Where do you get inspirations from?

Music is a powerful instrument it has always helped me get my thoughts and feelings across since I am not that good at speaking them using just words.

Making music is like freedom of speech. It's putting all your thoughts, feelings, emotions and energy on a track and when people listen to it and enjoy it, its elevating in ways I couldn’t express. And it feels extraordinary. As far as mixing and mastering is the least fun part of making a track for me.

I get inspiration from many places but especially from past experiences and of course from life itself.

EC/3. Your new album will be in stores soon. What should we expect? Take us through the process of making it.

Yes my album GUDFELA is coming out soon. The album will consist of different kinds of music…. I mean we have 60’s Ethiopian song inspired tracks to Trap music that leads to EDM with a touch of traditional Ethiopian music then goes to dubstep. Let's just say it has it all but it will be very unexpected. THE TITLE OF THE ALBUM SPEAKS FOR ITSELF

The process of making this album and the 4 singles that are coming out before it, was a trip. It was emotional and physically challenging especially when you have 4 different projects going head to head. Every track was an idea/ dreams I have always had for years and the fact that I had the opportunity to turn them into music was a blessing. So the real credit should go to my team Cushitic & HypeSquad that really held it down with me and believed in my dreams with no questions asked.

EC/4. Do you have idols or role models that you think are just good? How is being a female DJ in Ethiopia? Any challenges?

I honestly think everyone that works hard despite the changeless they face and got to where they are the right way should be applauded & praised.

Growing up with my brother’s gender has never weighed on me. I don’t step in the studio or DJ booth thinking of my gender but only my work….. but that's just me. Of course, I come across people that let me know I am a female and they automatically doubt my capabilities but then again life would not be interesting without that ignorance. We females have challenges in general but in the entertainment industry, it’s even tougher for us.

EC/5. What's your favorite thing to do besides music? Do you have any other talents or hobbies? What would your friends say if we asked them about you?

Besides music I produce TV shows/programs, I love watching football, Writing, I love playing Chess and playing Ping Pong.
Other talents would be cooking and I love dancing!!!

My friends would say I am sooooooo serious while I'm doing my work and I love having fun………. I think that’s what they would say but then again I do not read minds so you must ask them… lol!!!

Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the fans that have been with me since day one and supported me. Also a major shout out to my team Cushitic & HypeSquad for working with me and believing in me.

We would like to thank DJ Yemi for taking the time to talk to EthioCreatives and share her story. You can find her new singles exclusively on her telegram channel mentioned below.

Daniel Sahlu was talking to DJ Yemi