5 Things .......with ROPHNAN


EC/1: Talk us through your studio. What do you use to create your productions? What satisfies you regarding your productions? What makes you say 'okay that is it'?


There’s never been a time for me to say that’s it! But it’s more of becoming confident throughout the process of making it that makes me feel say “ok it’s time to put it out”. What satisfies me is the fact that I can put out and show my culture and sounds through my music to the rest of the world and also when I see people having a great time with it is priceless. To create my production it’s always about finding that emotion to start the right spark...the rest is just history.
I use Fl studio mainly and when I have something to see deep in the mixing parts I go through Protools


EC/2: When you were a kid what was your first 'I want to be' dream. And if we could make that dream come true would you trade in your current work? When did you realize that music is what you wanted to do and what gave you the courage to pursue it?


I always dreamed of being a musician and I’ve never did anything far from that the courage comes from not being afraid to fail and even be homeless if that’s what it takes, cause I used to walk home at 4am after my first gigs and I did a lot and lots of risky things in my life so that I can make music, and it’s always that for me.



EC/3: Talk to us about your album which was released last week. How is the reception and What do you want your fans or even someone who never listen to your stuff take from the album? How different is it from the rest? Take us through the making of the album.


I’m receiving amazing things from the day it came out , I didn’t even expect this fast ! I’m so thankful for all the fans out there everything about it is different, cause I followed my fingerprints through my music, it’s impossible to put it in words but I rather have people to listen to it and give their own opinions. Making the album took lots of time , just the studio work too more than 6 years, I had to grow through it, There was a lot of researchers I had to do with a lot and lots of people in and out of the music scene in the cultural Ethiopian music, instrumentation ’s, scales and sounds. Because I knew at an early age that no one can teach me the truly authentic and raw music is like in Ethiopia but only me going through it. And the second part of making it is more of finding a way to fuse those sounds through electronic music...the rest of the work is just like any other musicians it’s more of writing, composing and mixing the songs



EC/4: What has been your best DJ event to date and is there a place/country you'd love to play in?


My best events I can’t really say cause I have thousands of memories and it’s hard to pick one
I would love to play in Spain Ibiza again cause my experience there was so unimaginable.



EC/5: Who is Rophnan minus Music? What do you do to chill and relax? Where is your favorite place to hang and have fun with friends and loved ones? Any good spots in Addis you would like to suggest for our audience?


I love watching standup comedy, big fan of movies especially the types they leave me with something to think about and hang out with close friends, but not gonna tell u my favorite spot cause u know commercials are not for free lol






We would like to thank Rophy for taking the time to talk to EthioCreatives. We wish him all the best in the future.


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Interview by Daniel Sahlu