H&M’s Latest Sneaker Rips Off Balenciaga’s Sock Trainer


H&M is back with a pair of fully-fashioned High Tops in Black, sock-like knit upper sits atop a chunky white midsole and black rubber outsole. But now they will set you back $60

Yes, its a blatant rip-off of a high-end sneaker. This time the Balenciaga Speed Trainer serves as the inspiration for H&M’s budget version.

While “homages” such as this are nothing new, it’s always interesting to see how similar the designs end up looking. That being said, a market for sneakers like this obviously exists, as not everyone is able to shell out hundreds of dollars for a pair of shoes.

So, if you’ve been looking at adding a sock-sneaker to your rotation but have balked at the price for the high-end models, this might be the sneaker for you.