Dur-Dur Band

‘Dur Dur of Somalia - Volume 1, Volume 2 and Previously Unreleased Tracks’


We live for moments like this and with Analog Africa behind this release you can be assured it's gonna be good. 

Fusing traditional Somalian music - Banaadiri beats, Daantho and spiritual Saar music - with Funk, Reggae, Soul, Disco and New Wave, Dur-Dur Band are known as the funkiest band from the Horn of Africa. Thanks to Analog Africa this re-issue is on the streets. So what do you get as well as the funk? Remastered first two albums, plus a selection of previously unreleased tracks. Take your pic in format double CD/ triple LP with 18 tracks; the promo CD is a single CD with 12 tracks. From the moment you press play your ears are obliterated with pure funk. Every country has their interpretation on funk, but there is something about East African funk which just works. Where do we start with this collection? 'Oohiyeh' is a good place to kick off with its repetitive grooves and funk guitar licks. One of the first tracks we encountered and made sure we were hooked. This is not afro funk, but leans more towards Southern funk and is much healthier for doing so. 

Next, we visit 'Heelo' which has a more traditional feel except for a long keyboard intro. This is Somalia in all its glory with searing vocals in a bed of keys and drum salad. The arrangement less in your face gives breath to this song and unlike some could easily be featured at a more mainstream gathering without compromising on the soul. This song transports the listeners to the swealtering sun and sand.

Dur Dur Band News year 1986_PROMO.jpg

With so many great tracks and we mean many we won't go through the entire collection, but we know you will not be disappointed if you want something incredibly brilliant. Analog Africa never underserves with their selections and their presentations are second to none with their artwork choices good enough to adorn your walls. So let's leave you with a final track. 'Diinleeya' we spoke about the influences on this album and here is another inspired by the island of Jamaica with a reggae feel. Whats great about this is it's not trying to to be reggae which is a relief it adopts the feel and of course the guitar cords, but there it ends with mystic vocals and a hypnotic groove. This is already one of our go-to tracks making this album such a well-rounded piece of work. Honorary shoutout to 'Hiyeeley' which is more Nigeria funk inspired. So there you have it. You need this in your life....and when the next time you hear the word Somalia just say OMG Dur-Dur Band have you got their music? Impress within your circle - you can thank us later.

See them LIVE in London this September.

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