Linking Addis, Digitally

It is a well-known fact that internet users in Ethiopia are growing exceptionally fast. The event industry is also waking up and seeing the market demand and shaping up to be a profitable business. So, why not create a platform linking the online users with events around them by using a digital magazine? That’s exactly what the LinkUp Addis Magazine founders did. And the reception is overwhelming.

“The July Edition of LinkUp Addis had received a very wide acceptance. Though our initial plan was to just reach around 5000-7000 people, the actual reach was more than 70,000 people, which was very motivating for us,” said Eyob, co-founder and Editor-in-chief of LinkUp Addis.


LinkUp Addis was founded by Eyob Workineh, Eyasu Ashenfi & Benny. The team is involved in event marketing and promotions in general. Eyob has been a language teacher for years and he is the founder of Eyovent Events. He now manages the content and other administrative affairs of LinkUp magazine. Eyasu has been in event marketing work for years and is one of the most common and connected names in the industry (he is the admin of Events in Addis Facebook page). Benny has also been doing creative works for a number of companies and events which some are quite popular. He is the creative director for the magazine.


“The creative aspect of LinkUp magazine is different from others in that we never compromise quality. We use high-quality creative elements in the production of the magazine to ensure an appealing visual effect for the magazine.” said Eyob, “In terms of content, we mainly focus on events and event-related establishments and people. We still feel that there is some more way to get better on contents to keep up with the design, but with the great contributors we already have and others joining the team, we feel we are getting there”. The magazine is eye-catching and easy to surf through. One can tell the team took their time developing the contents and the graphics design. “It has taken more than 7 months to come up with the final design and layout of the magazine. The first 2-3 months were just dedicated to defining what the magazine was and wasn’t about. We had to discuss and debate a lot of issues spanning from the content layout to the marketing strategy.” Eyob continued, “The next half of the 7 months were spent working on developing content ideas, searching for contributors, production of a sample magazine and collecting feedback on the magazine. Finally on July 1st, 2018, we had our first issue which with all the effort of the staff and our supporters has got a positive feedback.”


The August issue of LinkUp magazine was out on August 1st 2018. Even though it is summer and it is not the peak time for Events in Addis, the team have a lot of great things covered in August’s edition including an exclusive interview with Betty G.


What is next for LinkUp Addis magazine? Eyob answers, “As for plans, we have plans to diversify LinkUp into areas that have not yet been covered, and we are confident we will realize that. For now, our biggest focus is developing the event magazine both in content and design to become the most preferred event media platform in the nation.”


Overall, LinkUp Addis is a magazine with the future in mind. It’s now the time for the youth to get the information they need at the tip of their hands without compromising quality and reliability. LinkUp Addis is doing its part and what a start.

LinkUp Addis is delivering the best online magazine by any measurements. EthioCreatives applauds what the team behind the magazine are doing and we will continue to support this great platform.

Daniel Sahlu