It was October of last year when we teamed up with Bira Biro and here’s a throwback, a reminder of what happened.

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Bira Biro EDM concert was held at Ghion Hotel on October 21 2017 in Addis Ababa Ethiopia and it delivered. The line up for this first of its kind show was insanely packed with world class performances. The visuals, lighting and sound plus the quality of the DJs performing promised a night hard to be matched. That made the event so

entertaining with a unique character.

The show kicked off with the host, Zeek from Afro FM,, introducing a beat box artist doing beat boxing with EDM style. That some how got the already hyped crowed to get excited even more. They wanted the immediate insanity from the DJs after that.

Fully Charged was the first to showcase their talent by hitting the decks. Once they got a real sense of the crowed things began to shake. Ghion was rocking. When the audience began to create their own melodies with the beat, you could feel this was EDM at it‟s purist.

Fully charged , then handed over red hot decks to Ethiopian‟s own Rophnan. He was unbelievably good and he stunned the crowed by creating EDM sounds with a Ethiopian flavour in a way we never experienced before. The crowed was in trance dancing and singing along throughout his performance. He stood his ground and did not look out place beside the big name DJs. He had the crowed eating out of his hands and he‟s definitely a name to watch out for. He deserves appreciation and the crowed did just that.

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Next up was Tom swoon. living up to his attribute as a headliner, he controlled the crowed and played non-stop hard beats. The crowd jumped from beginning to the end. Even when he experienced some technical difficulties, he had the crowed with him by keeping his cool, well his anger was visible for split of seconds, but he managed the situation and worked with the crowed until everything was back to normal. The crowed swayed in unison EDM had found it‟s home. Ghion a sea of bodies ,sweat and joy. Swoon‟s pop inspired set was well received by the crowed.. His energy was very high and you can tell he comes alive when he gets to that stage and perform. He mentioned that this was his first time in Ethiopia and he was feeling the energy from the crowd.

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The final headliner was Quintino. This guy represents good music and high energy. Nobody wanted his set to end since his set was filled Hip-Hop to rock songs like “sweet dream”. He also added Arabic sound and African flavour to his set. In short, he puts on a show! The crowed matched his energy so it was an epic scene to witness this magi- cal combination with the visuals and the lighting. People were singing along and jumping up and down, some running around with the sound of madness it was just a perfect sight to see.


Mr. Guta Wakuma, Managing director of choo choo promotions had this to say after the show.
“It was good to see how well this new experience that we have worked so hard to create was accepted by the crowd.” Mr. Guta continued, “We would like to thank our much respected sponsor, Jano Beer, for believing in such a young dream we named „BiRA BiRO‟ and help make it happen. Much love!!”



Overall, Choo Choo events delivered the hottest concert of the year on 2017 by any measurements.. We, Ethio- Creatives applaud what Choo Choo and the whole Bira Biro family did on October 21 at Ghion Hotel. It truly was something new and something the youth can get behind. We are happy to see Bira Biro festival returning with a massive lineup including the globally acclaimed trio named Major Lazer and a duo called Black Busters straight from China . October 7 2018 at Ghion Hotel, Ethiopia will surely experience something special. It‟s a an event you should not miss. EthioCreatives will continue to work together with Bira Biro to make our Ethiopia smile with joy.

Daniel Sahlu