Sabegn Concept Shop


This is a spot we hang out at and it’s fast becoming a destination not just for locals, but tourist. So whilst we plugged in online having brunch we spoke first to Kidist about Sabegan…..

“Sabegn concept shop was officially opened on April 2018. The reception from people is just magnificent so far. They are delighted to have a one stop shop where they can find more than 60 vendors at one place. Sabegn also manufactures their own line of leather bags. People can visit their workshop which is found behind the shop if they wanted to make sure the leather is 100% authentic. All the employees in the workshop are female”. 


Sabegn wants to get involved in the international market while promoting local manufacturers to showcase their products at their shop”.

After eating here so many times and having impromptu meetings we had never visited the workshop and we were blown away. While there we bumped into the manager Abraham and he told us about what happens at this chic spot.

“Since it's official launch Sabegn organized a different types of events like Art exhibitions, panel discussions. Sabegn wants to get Involved in the international market soon using their own brand. Continuing to collaborate with young entrepreneurs and to give the platform for talented people”.


Sebegan is a great place to visit. After shopping, sit down and sip on an amazing coffee made in the cafe, have pancakes or chicken wraps with fresh juice. Sabegn has it all.