When We Are One


Timket (Timkat) is the Orthodox Tewahedo celebration of Epiphany. It is celebrated on January 19th, corresponding to the 10th day of Terr in the Ethiopian calendar. Timkat celebrates the baptism of Jesus in the Jordan River.


During the ceremonies of Timket, the Tabot, a model of the Ark of the Covenant, which is present on every Ethiopian altar (somewhat like the Western altar stone), is reverently wrapped in rich cloth and borne in procession on the head of the priest.


The young braves leap up and down in spirited dances, tirelessly repeating rhythmic songs.


Shots captured in Gerji - Addis Ababa.


The grandeur of Timket is unrivalled. The pride and passion is evident in young and old. Prayers are as important as partying. Respect is observed and the audience is blessed.


If we could recommend five things to do in Ethiopia this would be one of them. Until you have witnessed Timket you have not lived.