By willber willberforce

I'm tired of telling 'kids' and a few grown ass men that RAP is the music and Hip Hop is the lifestyle and one band which morphs hip hop and rock are Flatbush Zombies. Their new album is immense in content and style. Leaning heavily on rap / p-funk sensibilities and rock it's a monster journey. Kids need to be strapped in because it's clear the contents could cause rebellion disrespectfulness and excessive head nodding. The guests included on this trip included Joey Bada$$, Jadakiss, B Bun and more. While they may only be two rock inspired cuts the expression of us against them stays true to this collection and that of any rock fan. The imagery is both left of centre and more in keeping with the p funk era than hip hop, but that's what makes this sit beneath the we don't give a fuck vs not for the pop chart banner. Get this because you need it not because your blinkers have just been removed.

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