Let's start with New York fashion week. How was it? How did you get the chance to represent Ethiopia on this big stage? What was the reaction from the audience and from capabilities as well? Do you believe that they will wear Ethiopian cloths on the red carpet straight from the run any time soon?

It was absolutely the most amazing experience in our career to be able to showcase Ethiopian traditionally inspired gowns on an international stage. It is a dream come true and we are very grateful to God for that.

They saw our work on social media and contacted us directly, as simple as that..

The reaction was overwhelming to say the least, they loved every piece and the potential business connections were made but the most gratifying part was creating an awareness that Ethiopia is rich in artistry and beautiful fashion culture dated back to 100s of years ago, that's why we called it, 'Royalty Ethiopia'. .

We have been invited to Cannes Film festival next year so the prospect of Ethiopian gowns on the red carpet is happening sooner than we thought.


How is it like to be sisters with one common passion and work with each other to work toward that dream? Do you think you guys are the same or different? Does that affect the styles you come up with together?

It is a blessing from God. Our creations are a reflection of the love we were brought up with and the love we share for each other. It's powerful!!

We are the same in principle but different in character which makes us the perfect duo. One of us being the risk taker and the other a perfectionist, the result is beautiful! 


Take us back, where were you born? How was it back then for upcoming designers? Was it easy or you guys had to sacrifice a lot to reach the point you are now?

We were born in Ethiopia but grew up abroad. We were always into fashion growing up following on our mom's footsteps but actually started our journey here in Ethiopia. The challenges were very difficult and discouraging but nothing comes easy. That's why we always say, never ever give up on your dreams, trials and tribulations are meant to teach us profound wisdom through experience, that's all it is.


What do you think,in your personal opinion, it is needed to be done to take Ethiopian fashion industry to the next level?

To make sure we have access to consistent quality products and raw material in our local market. Most of us designers follow our passion and lack knowledge in the financial and marketing aspect of the business so trained efficient work force is much needed for the growth of the fashion industry. Quality and consistency is vital.


What does the future hold for Yohannes Sisters? Any plans to expand your empire in Ethiopia? What about representing Ethiopia with your designs on big stages such as Milan fashion week or Paris fashion week?

We have a lot do to expand here in Ethiopia and then take it to the rest of Africa on a bigger level. We have already been offered Milan, Paris and London but our focus is the African continent because we believe Africa is untouched and we have many stories to tell about the African culture to the world through our designs.

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We would like to thank Yohannes sisters for taking the time to sit down with us and share their story. We will see more of what their doing in the future.

Daniel Sahlu

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